Tiax, psychotic overlord of The Wheel / Tiax Station


Tiax is a madman. He is also a fantastically skilled tinkerer, and shockingly savvy businessman. His takeover of the Wheel was sudden, dramatic, and perhaps most surprising of all – legal. Since that time, he has slowly remade parts of it in his image. Tiax can be occasionally be found wandering its halls on his strange spider-like personal transport device.


Tiax rules all!!!
You are but grease stains on the wheel of time compared to Tiax!
Tiax does as ye will, but one day… BOOM! He rules! Heh-heh.
The day comes when Tiax will point and click!
Ya lil’ monkey-spanker.
When Tiax rules, breeches shall not ride up so wedge-like!
(running away): Tiax will rule… From a distance.
You have disturbed Tiax the Grand again! Such insolence! Tiax will place a mark of shame upon your forehead! All will know your treachery! (casts)
Eh… it would appear that… the great and… mighty Tiax… has shrunk his undergarments… three sizes this day.
Excuse… the mighty Tiax… while he catches his… his breath… He will rule… later.
Who dares prod Tiax?
(On Quayle’s death) Ha Ha! Smart guy dies! But Tiax goes on to RULE!


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